In Lao language ‘tamasat’ means nature or natural. It is used to describe items that come from mother earth and are 100% pure and organic. Monica has been living in Laos for many years. In her kitchen at the Mekong she creates heavenly products: Her passion are homemade and organic jams, marmalades and pickles.

    About the products

    • Fresh & Seasonal: All products are made during harvest season.
    • Organic: All fruits come from local villages or from organic farms.
    • Less Sugar: Monica uses a natural gelling agent, which means half as much sugar.
    • Quality & Hygiene: All of the products are produced with the utmost care.
    • Traditional Storage: Monica stores the jams for several months, so the flavor is more intense.
    • Long Expiration: As the glasses are sealed, the jams can be stored for 1 1/2 years.

    Current Jams & Marmalades

    • Passion fruit – with and without seeds
    • Passion fruit curd/cream
    • Passion fruit Chilli Jam
    • Rosella Jam - Hibiscus Flower
    • Mango with Javanese Vanilla
    • Mango with Kaffir lime zests
    • Mango with Ginger
    • Mango-Passion fruit
    • Mulberry with Cardamom
    • Pineapple with Thai Basil
    • Strawberry with Ginger and Vanilla
    • Tamarind
    • Tamarind - Cinnamon
    • Tamarind - Chilli Jam
    • Ginger Jam – rare!
    • Orange Marmalade
    • Orange Mandarins Marmalade

    • Peanut Butter

    Try our savoury Treats!

    • Sweet-Sour Gherkins
    • Spicy Arabian Salsa
    • Mango Chutney
    • Pickled Veggies
    • Hungarian Puszta Salad
    • Pickled Onions
    • Tomato-Tamarind-Chilli
    • Sundried Tomatoes
    • Chinese Plumsauce
    • Red pepper Marmalade
    • Organic Tomato Sauce
    • Sauerkraut / Choucroute


Always ask for the latest food creation! You can buy all the products directly from Monica's Kitchen in Ban Done Keo, Luang Prabang (click for map).

Jam Prices

Small size: 35.000 KIP
Big size: 50.000 KIP
Special arrangements for the hospitality business.


Monica Domeij-Gaul
Jumbo Guesthouse
Luang Prabang, LAOS
Tel: +856 20 568 564 88

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